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ADHEMP Restore 750mg is our best seller and the most commonly used dosage due to the fact that it is an alternative to toxic and addictive pain medication. It can help manage anxiety, stress, pain, reduce inflammation, maintains healthy joints and heart, and supports brain function. It has no THC therefore it will NOT get you high.

Restore 750mg

Restore 750mg



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Helps relax muscles, reduce pain, inflammation, and overall discomfort related to a variety of health conditions. Hemp oil serves as a lubricant for your joints. Famous for treating arthritis, tendinitis, and sciatica.
​Hemp can also enhance your mood and improve brain function. Studies show that it can promote relaxation without the high.
​Hemp also has major health benefits when consumed. It contains essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals which can improve your immune system, cardiovascular health and support bone growth.

What people are saying about us...

Loved it! I take it every night before going to bed. It helps me relax and ease my mind.

Jackson Z.

I'm always stressed out because I work 2 jobs. My girlfriend recommended me to take hemp oil drops because it helps with stress anxiety. I've been taking this for about a week and it has helped me out. I take a full tincture as soon as I get home and I feel relaxed in 15 minutes.

Diego D.

I loved the Adhemp drops because it helps me when I have anxiety and need to calm down due to my high stress job. I use to take anxiety medication and I have been able to ween off to a smaller dose. I do recommend these drops for anyone that suffers anxiety.

Arlene T.